The Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games Torch Is Unveiled

The Olympic Torch, a powerful symbol encapsulating the values and spirit of this international sporting event, is a prominent figure in the Games’ opening ceremony, marking the lighting of the cauldron. As we approach the 2024 Paris Olympics and Paralympics, we get our first glimpse at the freshly designed Torch, a masterpiece crafted by Mathieu Lehanneur. Lehanneur remarked, “Designing the Torch for the Games is a once-in-a-lifetime dream for a designer, akin to a momentous rendezvous with history. The Torch, equally ritualistic and magical, is an object of legend. A beacon of unity and camaraderie, it holds a pivotal role in the Games.”

Three fundamental elements underpin the Torch’s design: equality, water, and tranquility. The element of equality is manifested in the torch’s perfectly balanced dimensions, both horizontally and vertically. The concept of water, a nod to the Seine River that flows through Paris, the ‘City of Light’, is represented by 3D and vibrating effects on the torch. These effects mimic the undulations and flux of water, reflecting the play of light on its surface. Lastly, the torch’s gentle curves embody the essence of peacefulness, evoking feelings of kindness, generosity, and solidarity.

In an effort to reduce production impact, manufacturing company ArcelorMittal will produce 2,000 Paris 2024 Olympic Torches, a quantity five times smaller than previous editions. This move not only reaffirms the event’s commitment to sustainability but also adds to the torch’s unique charm and exclusivity.

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