How A Fitbit Charge 2 Can Increase Your Fitness

Wearable tech is slowly but surely really starting to be adopted by the masses, while most people are not ready to take the leap and get a full on smart watch many people are adopting fitness bands of which Fitbit is arguably the best player in the market.  I would like to personally say that before I got my hands on this Fitbit that I was very green when it comes to using tech to help my workouts but after using this for a week or two I can say I now see the benefit of this clever piece of tech.

If you are someone like me that rarely uses tech to help with your workout or gym sessions then having a full on smart watch could actually be quite daunting and actually pose as distraction for me. This is not the case with the Fitbit Charge 2, it has a very small design profile with simple functionality that allows you to enhance your workouts or runs. The watch is super easy to use with only a few buttons and the bare essential features that will allow you to track things such as your heart rate and as a consequence it will be able to workout how many calories you have burned which is always helpful.

Everything goes through the mobile app which connects to the Fitbit, so you can access and control the device through the app and also extends it functionality by allowing you to track the distance of your runs using GPS on your mobile device as the Fitbit does not have its only stand alone GPS. For me the main benefits of the device and app is that it gives me a detailed run down of what I have been doing in terms of weight training and long distance running, being able to see my activities quantified in numbers allows me to be able to push myself and better those numbers. Which for me is essential as we all get complacent and pushing the boundaries of your fitness levels is something we should all do but sometimes don’t and won’t.

Another great feature of the watch is that it tracks your sleeping patterns and presents them to you in a easy to understand format that allowed me to see that maybe I wasn’t getting enough sleep and when I was, it was not deep sleep cycles which is what we all need to help the body fully recover.  So as someone who was definitely not into wearable tech I can say I am a fan of Fitbit, its not a magical device that will make you super fit or motivate you but what it will do, it will give the tools and analytics to be better, faster and stronger.

Head over to Fitbit’s Shop today to get yourself one of these amazing devices!

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