Decree X Tesla Model S

Tesla is literally transforming the automotive industry with their fresh take on what electric cars should be like. Not only is the model S very much a testament to its founder Elon Musk’s penchant for producing and delivering innovative products and services that makes your life a little easier. Paypal is a perfect of example of how Musk can transform a whole industry by introducing products and services that totally disrupt the landscape of the market. The Model S is a four-wheel drive, all-electric saloon  that is capable of 691bhp, which results in a 0-60mph time of 3.2 seconds and a potential range of upto 300 miles between recharges. Those numbers although very impressive on paper really don’t do the Model S justice in terms of acceleration, as soon as you hit the pedal the car lurches forward and goes into hyperspeed. With no wheel spin or drive line shunt it really does feel like a spaceship going into hyperspeed.
The Model S in our opinion is the future, not only does it deliver on par with other cars such as the BMW i8 in terms of performance but it also very much delivers in the looks department. It has all the curves in the right place and little unique touches such as the door handles that come out from the door. This car is a statement piece and quite possibly the most important car made in a long time as its defiantly electric without the shortcomings in terms of design and performance previous electric cars faced. Head over to Tesla for more info.

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