BAPE Unveils the Refreshingly Edgy “Bleached Bape Check” Capsule Collection

BAPE, renowned for its iconic Bape Check styles, has taken a bold step with its latest offering by introducing the “Bleached Bape Check” capsule collection. This innovative collection sees the brand’s signature plaid-printed apparel submerged in bleach, resulting in a striking reinterpretation of BAPE’s timeless designs. In addition to the apparel pieces, BAPE introduces two bleached furoshiki bags, seamlessly complementing the clothing range.

The introduction of bleach splatters adds a unique dimension to the colors and patterns of BAPE’s classic Bape Check silhouettes, injecting fresh vitality into the label’s longstanding favorites. The color palette of the capsule is dominated by vibrant hues of red and blue, which adorn a variety of apparel options including zip shirts, graphic tees, and panel caps.

Standing out within the collection are the zip shirts, available in both red-checkered and blue-checkered variations. Featuring discreet front zippers and subtle BAPE insignias embroidered on the chest and hem, these shirts exude understated yet unmistakable BAPE style. The graphic tees, offered in three classic designs in black and white colorways, showcase concentrated bleach detailing that accentuates the graphics while maintaining the clean lines of the BAPE lettering and silhouette.

Complementing the apparel pieces are paneled caps and furoshiki bags, mirroring the red-checkered and blue-checkered patterns. The caps boast a prominent “BA” insignia in the center, while the bags are adorned with a polished BAPE logo on the strap.

Explore the captivating “Bleached Bape Check” collection from BAPE, which offers a refreshing twist on the brand’s signature styles. The collection will be available for purchase on BAPE’s webstore starting yesterday, March 2nd. Embrace the edgy allure of BAPE’s latest offering and make a bold fashion statement with the Bleached Bape Check capsule.

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