Kitsound Immerse Wireless Headphones Reviews

In the day and age of the Hypebeasts its not unusual to see someone rocking a nice pair of Beats by Dre or even Bose, not because it sounds good or offers value for money but because of the publicity and status symbol surrounding these products. With the consumer getting more and more wise, naturally the good people of Kitsound have come up with a pair of headphones that not only is it great value for money by being under £100 but it also treads the the fine line between value and quality.

The first thing you will notice about the Immerse headphones when you open the box is the build quality. Its feels strong and sturdy to the touch whilst having a little bit of weight that allows it to feel solid and well built. Which is quite astonishing when these are under £100, making them miles cheaper than Beats and we all know how easy some of those high end headphones are to break or snap. Although the over build is made of plastics unlike some of the more expensive alternatives that will use premium materials like wood or aluminium these still look and feel great, without any flimsy bits to snap or break.

The immerse headphones comes with a memory foam placed on each side giving you great comfort, that is not only tight around the ear but also does not make your ears hurt after a hour or two of constant use which is essential if you tend to listen to music for hours on end. Which leads us to the sound quality, which is amazing when considering that this piece of kit is under £100. The sound is crisp and sharp with most genres of music sounding pretty good with lows , mids and high all sounding pretty clear and distortion free. The active noise cancelling technology used will also improve the sound quality allowing you to enjoy the music itself with less noise interference from the outside world which is a god send if you travel by public transport in a city like London.The only really problem I can find in these headphones is that over bluetooth when the volume is turned all the way up you can and will start hearing distortion but thats to be expected over bluetooth and the headphones still allow you to use a wired cabled which delivers the best level of audio quality anyway.

I can’t praise these headphones enough, they might not look as fancy as beats or sound as picture perfect as pair of Bose headphones that are 3 or times the price of these but what they do is deliver you a quality product at an amazing price you would not expect. Not only are these under £100 but they look great, sound great and wont have you taking out bank loan just to finance them! Head over to Kitsound now to get a pair of these!

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