TRAPSTAR and Avirex Join Forces for Iconic Streetwear Collection with Rapper ROB49

London’s premier streetwear sensation, TRAPSTAR, has once again seized the spotlight with the unveiling of its latest collaboration. This time, the brand has partnered with Avirex to create a collection that captures the very essence of contemporary iconography, featuring rapper ROB49 as the face of this groundbreaking venture.

The collaboration seamlessly fuses Avirex’s legendary leather jackets with TRAPSTAR’s influential streetwear aesthetic. The result is a limited-edition collection that exudes bold graphics, co-branding elements, and impeccably tailored silhouettes. Avirex, a trailblazer in outerwear since 1975, has significantly influenced the realms of hip-hop and fashion over the decades.

TRAPSTAR, synonymous with hosting “Invasions” featuring the leading talent of UK rap, has consistently embodied a similar ethos since its inception. The collaboration with Avirex is a testament to both brands’ deep connection to contemporary culture, with the jackets serving as tangible representations of what it means to be an icon in today’s dynamic cultural landscape.

Explore the unique synergy of TRAPSTAR and Avirex in the captivating visuals of their latest collaboration. The collection, featuring the distinctive style of rapper ROB49, will be exclusively available for purchase on the official TRAPSTAR website starting from December 17. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this iconic fusion of streetwear excellence.

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