Balenciaga’s Refreshed Perspective: Spring 2024 at Paris Fashion Week

Following a contentious campaign earlier this year, Balenciaga has embarked on an introspective journey, redefining its core values and approach to fashion. Creative Director Demna’s recent contemplations stress a pivot from treating fashion as mere entertainment, challenging the playful design sensibilities he has been known for since 2015.

For Paris Fashion Week’s Spring 2024 event, Balenciaga transcended its previous methods, presenting a deeply personal and theatrical production. Enriched with intimate elements, the stage was graced by Demna’s closest friends and family. According to the event’s notes, the show was “a mirroring of Demna’s universe and the diverse personas that shape his circle.” Staying true to this sentiment, prominent figures such as Demna’s spouse BFRND, Amanda Lepore, and Paloma Elsesser dazzled attendees as they strutted down the runway. The expansive setting was accentuated with plush velour curtains, a regal red carpet, and a melodious backdrop featuring a mix of orchestral, piano, and electronic compositions, soulfully narrated by Isabelle Huppert.

Marking an unforgettable commencement, Demna’s mother showcased an innovatively repurposed car coat, harmoniously blending black and navy. Subsequent showstoppers included Demna’s former university professor, donned in a uniquely textured capped dress, and the fashion savant Diane Pernet, effortlessly merging her signature headscarf with sleek black attire. The collection, comprising 88 distinct ensembles, was characterized by its pronounced padded shoulders, lending a theatrical flair to oversized blazers and coats.

Modern twists were evident with reduced hoodies adorned with corporate logos paired seamlessly with camouflage denim. Fresh off-the-shower vibes were echoed with models donning terry cloth robes. Eclectic accessories like fruit-themed tote bags and Batman-inspired glasses flitted through the runway scenes, adding zest to Alpinestars racing jackets, oversized athletic bags, footwear-resembling clutches, and shimmering floral evening wear. Culminating the spectacle, BFRND emerged, captivating all in an ingeniously reconstructed wedding gown, crafted from remnants of ’00s attire, amplified with intricate embroidery and compelling eye artistry.

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