Fear of God’s ESSENTIALS: Fall 2023’s Minimalist Mastery

Autumn 2023 marks the triumphant return of Fear of God’s ESSENTIALS line, showcasing its freshest seasonal offerings. Unveiling the collection, the brand leaned into a clean, muted aesthetic, captured through the lens of Dexter Navy and steered by Jerry Lorenzo’s visionary direction.

The lookbook, dominated by understated tones, sets the stage for the Fall 2023 range. Leading the collection are matching sweatshirt and sweatpant combinations, characterized by oversized hoods and striking long strap accents. Not to be overshadowed, the collection also features a versatile jacket perfect for transitional weather. Additionally, the lineup boasts hoodies and tees adorned on the front, each proudly bearing the signature Fear of God ESSENTIALS black square badge. Rounding off the collection, cotton beanies are introduced, perfect for the brisk months ahead.

For a complete immersion into Fear of God’s ESSENTIALS Fall 2023 brilliance, check out the collection above. Ready to own a piece? The range will be up for grabs starting October 20, exclusively on the FoG website and select esteemed outlets.

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