G-SHOCK Unveils the COEXIST Collection: A Sustainable Revolution in Watchmaking

G-SHOCK introduces the COEXIST Collection, a revolutionary series that redefines sustainability in watch design, featuring timepieces crafted from recycled materials.

At the core of the collection are two captivating variants of the GA-B2100 model—one in a sophisticated charcoal-like khaki gray and the other boasting a rich coffee colorway. Encased in the signature octagonal watch case, these references are meticulously crafted from bio-based resin, reflecting G-SHOCK’s commitment to minimizing environmental impact.

The standout feature of the COEXIST Collection lies in its bands. Utilizing materials sourced ethically from the TRUECOTTON and FOOD TEXTILE project, the watch bands showcase a textile fabrication that incorporates natural dyes derived from recycled food waste. Noteworthy among them is the GAB2100CT-1A5’s dark brown band, extracted from coffee, and the khaki gray GAB2100CT-5A’s band, featuring echinacea extracts.

Engineered to withstand depths of 20 bars underwater, both watches exhibit incredible shock resistance, Super Illuminator displays, Smartphone Linking capabilities, and are powered by G-SHOCK’s innovative Tough Solar technology. Priced at $170 USD each, both the khaki gray and coffee colorways are now available for purchase through G-SHOCK.

Step into the future of sustainable timekeeping with the COEXIST Collection, where style meets eco-conscious craftsmanship, setting a new standard for ethical watchmaking.

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