LANVIN Unveils Enchanting ‘Light, Shadow, Magic’ Holiday 2023 Campaign

As the holiday season approaches, luxury houses are embracing the spirit of giving, and LANVIN takes center stage with its captivating “Light, Shadow, Magic” Holiday 2023 campaign. Set against the enchanting backdrop of Paris, photographer Theo de Gueltzl captures the essence of warmth and glamour as LANVIN’s co-ed offerings shine under a festive glow. Form-fitting suits adorned with fringed silver piping and red maxi dresses cascading from the sky evoke the magic of Christmas. Modern baubles embellish patterned ensembles, while Christmas tree trimmings drape orchid dresses in bloom. In the menswear realm, teal-hued tracksuits and purple-toned uniforms adorned with fairy lights add a contemporary touch. LANVIN’s holiday gift-giving sets, featuring sneakers, handbags, gloves, hats, and more, are poised to make the season even more magical. Explore the intricacies of LANVIN’s Holiday 2023 campaign in the gallery above and embrace the joyous fusion of light, shadow, and magic.

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