Levi’s Unveils a Nostalgic Revival: The 517 Bootcut Jeans Return in SS24 Collection

Originally introduced in 1969, Levi’s iconic 517 Bootcut jeans have resurfaced in the fashion scene with the brand’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection for men. These jeans boast a captivating history, closely tied to the counterculture movement and the pursuit of self-expression. Part of the revered Orange Tab line and popularized in the ’70s, the 517 Bootcut jeans were initially crafted with the intention of being “full from the knee for the boot.”

In this contemporary revival, Levi’s brings back the timeless style, emphasizing durability and comfort. The SS24 collection showcases a variety of iterations, with the flagship being the modernized 517 Bootcut. This updated version sits at the waist, slims through the leg, and features a wider opening, providing a fresh take on the classic design.

Among the notable offerings in the collection is the Sta-Prest® Flare, characterized by a permanent center crease, adding a touch of sophistication to the lineup. Additionally, Levi’s introduces the Levi’s Vintage Clothing limited-edition 1970s 517 Bootcut, meticulously replicating the stitch-for-stitch details of the classic ’70s fit. Constructed from pre-shrunk White Oak Cone Mills 12 oz. denim, these limited-edition jeans are restricted to just 800 pairs and are presented in exclusive “Saddleman Boot Jeans” packaging.

For enthusiasts and fashion aficionados alike, the SS24 collection 517 Bootcut jeans are now available through Levi’s. Experience the revival of a timeless classic that seamlessly blends history with modern style, offering a unique opportunity to embrace the spirit of the counterculture movement with Levi’s unmistakable touch.

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