Levi’s Unveils ‘Made in Japan’ Line Highlighting Classic Denim Designs

Following its Princess Mononoke collection collaboration with Studio Ghibli last month, Levi’s has revealed a ‘Made in Japan’ range. This collection includes several timeless jean models and a distinctive patchwork trucker jacket, all crafted from selvedge denim sourced from the renowned Kaihara mill in Hiroshima.

The collection presents three signature Levi’s styles — the vintage Levi’s 501, the more relaxed 505, and the sleek 511 — all in the hallmark fabric, and available in a spectrum of shades from light to dark indigo. Showstoppers of the range include a coordinated jacket and trousers ensemble, both featuring an arrow-shaped pattern created from all-over denim panels. Each item in the line is adorned with a backpatch declaring ‘Made in Japan’, and an interior tab sporting the Japanese flag.

Kaihara mill is widely recognised as the origin of selvedge denim, a premium version of the common fabric that uses a tight weave to secure both ends of a garment’s construction. It’s worth noting that only traditional machines, like those found in Kaihara, can meticulously create denim designs with the slow-weaving finish that is highly prized in Japan.

Levi’s ‘Made in Japan’ collection is set to launch on Friday, August 4, through the brand’s online store, Levi’s stores, and selected retailers. Peruse the range in the gallery above for a closer look at this exceptional homage to traditional Japanese craftsmanship.

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