With the cold weather season in full swing, Absolut has collaborated with artist Mallory Heyer to reimagine the ways people enjoy their favourite cocktail. The Porn Star Martini, featuring Absolut Vanilia, has recently been named the number one trending and second most ordered cocktail in the UK. Mallory’s fun and playful style captures the essence of cocktail drinking with a millennial twist.

Made with Absolut Vanilia, pineapple, passionfruit pulp and puree, vanilla syrup and topped with half a passionfruit, the Porn Star Martini is usually served with a shot of champagne or prosecco on the side, meaning there are several ways to drink it. Mallory has reimagined 7 of the most common ways to enjoy it, each with their own distinctive characters. These include: the shot, the sip, the savour, the sink, the squeeze, the share and the snap.

Head over to Absolut now for info.

  1. The Snap Drinker – takes a photo before drinking anything
  2. The Shot Drinker – shots the champagne/prosecco
  3. The Savour Drinker – takes their time to enjoy the cocktail
  4. The Sip Drinker – goes back and forth between the shot and cocktail
  5. The Squeeze Drinker – squeezes the passion fruit into the cocktail
  6. The Share Drinker – gives the shot away
  7. The Sink Drinker – pours the shot into the cocktail

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