Revving Up Style: HUF and Toyota Racing Development (TRD) Unite for a High-Octane Fashion Fusion

In a thrilling alliance, HUF and Toyota Racing Development (TRD) have joined forces to unveil a remarkable fashion collection that seamlessly merges the motorsport legacy with the dynamic realm of streetwear.

The HUF x TRD collaboration delves deep into Toyota’s racing archives, infusing the excitement of off-road adventures into the fabric of urban life. This captivating fusion unfolds across nearly 40 unique pieces, each thoughtfully crafted to resonate with the spirit of the streets. At its core, the collection features captivating hand-drawn illustrations, evoking the charm of vintage sketchbooks, harmoniously blending cutting-edge artistry with the contemporary essentials of workwear.

Among the standout offerings, you’ll find the HUF TRD Global Racing Jacket, the Schematic Double Knee Pant, the TRD Work Jacket, and the HUF TRD Racing Sweater, all paying homage to the era when Toyota left an indelible mark on the landscape of motorsport innovation. The collection seamlessly intertwines polar fleece and jacquard Sherpa fabrics with classic tees, hoodies, and crewnecks, all adorned with archival hues and retro-inspired graphics.

To crown this extraordinary venture, HUF and TRD have joined hands to craft a one-of-a-kind “HUF x TRD Pro Tundra,” a testament to the enduring nostalgia and rugged spirit that defines the collaboration. Mark your calendars for November 9th, as this remarkable collection is set to hit the market. You can acquire these exceptional pieces through HUF’s official website and select retailers. Get ready to revamp your style with the dynamic fusion of motorsport heritage and streetwise fashion.

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