The Dunk’s Revival: A Fresh Spin with the “Chlorophyll” Hue

In the ever-evolving world of sneakers, the Dunk seemed primed for an infusion of novelty.

A sneaker star of yesteryears, especially during the mid-2010s, the Dunk’s ubiquity has made it feel a bit commonplace in recent times. Regardless, its sales remain robust for Nike, signaling the Dunk’s unwavering global appeal, even though the avant-garde sneaker enthusiasts have somewhat distanced themselves from this classic since the pandemic’s outset. However, Nike hasn’t lost its touch. The brand recently introduced the “Chlorophyll” variant, echoing the timeless “Be True To Your School” aesthetic, which perennially remains in vogue.

With a pristine white leather serving as the foundation, Nike intricately blends in a verdant “Chlorophyll” shade, accentuating the toe-box, heel, lace collar, and the iconic Swoosh. Complementary laces and cotton mesh interiors further enhance the sneaker’s allure. For those who harbor a soft spot for the emblematic mid-80s style, this Dunk is a nod to nostalgia.

Stay tuned for its imminent launch on and affiliated outlets, priced at $125.

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