Vivienne Westwood’s Fall/Winter 2023 – A Tribute to Her Legacy

Designer Andreas Kronthaler beautifully honors Vivienne Westwood’s enduring legacy with a heartfelt Fall/Winter 2023 collection. Since the passing of the iconic designer last year, Kronthaler has continued to pay homage to her influential contributions to the world of fashion. This season’s offering takes us to Hollingworth, England, the beloved hometown of Vivienne Westwood, for an emotional and sentimental campaign.

Hollingworth, situated in Greater Manchester, holds a special place in the designer’s heart, as it was where she grew up and found her final resting place. The campaign stars her loving family, offering a poignant glimpse into her extensive family tree. Kronthaler skillfully channels Westwood’s rebellious spirit, creating a captivating narrative set in her local playground.

Against the backdrop of her home at no.6 Millbrook, family members strike poses adorned in exaggerated wool blazers, cutoff trousers, and flamboyant ribboned hats. The images convey a haunting aura as they lean against brick walls in her home gardens, draped in dynamic overcoats and brimmed tophats.

The town’s football club becomes a canvas for dipped necklines gracing ruffled tulle dresses, while Westwood’s punk personality takes center stage in plaid suiting, graphic tees, and edgy mohawk hairdos.

This campaign serves as a touching tribute to Vivienne Westwood’s unrivaled impact on fashion, and her spirit undoubtedly lives on through Andreas Kronthaler’s visionary creations.

Experience the profound essence of Vivienne Westwood’s FW23 campaign in the gallery above, a celebration of her remarkable journey and lasting influence.

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