Xbox Sweetens the Gaming Experience with Edible Wonka Controller Sweepstakes

In celebration of the upcoming premiere of Warner Bros. Pictures’ “Wonka,” Xbox is tantalizing fans with a delectable gaming experience. The groundbreaking sweepstakes, commencing on November 13, offers participants a chance to win an edible Xbox Controller made entirely of pure chocolate and adorned with a signature gold wrapper. Embracing the film’s classic aesthetic, the burgundy-colored controller is accompanied by five chocolate truffles designed to enhance the gaming experience with Wonka-inspired flavors. In addition to these cocoa-infused delights, select winners will receive a movie-inspired Xbox Series X and a storefront display modeled after Willy Wonka’s chocolate store. The sweet journey unfolds until December 14, just in time for the film’s star-studded premiere on December 15.

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