Not A Hotel Debuts an Architectural Gem in Minakami, Japan

The latest enchanting offering from Not A Hotel has gracefully landed in the scenic locale of Minakami, Japan. Living up to the brand’s unique name, the Not A Hotel Minakami Toji residence isn’t your standard hotel. Instead, it stands as a haven of minimalist tranquillity.

The serene retreat, Not A Hotel Minakami Toji, is adorned with seven guest rooms, offering a stunning 180-degree panoramic view. This design ensures a seamless blend of indoor luxury with the natural allure outside. The expansive two-story villa offers ample space for up to six guests, inviting them to relax and deeply connect with the encompassing nature. Elevated wood ceilings enrich the property, providing a sense of magnificence and visual harmony.

Nestled on the second floor, you’ll find the communal living area and kitchen, further elevated by a host of top-tier amenities. A defining feature is the 15-meter heated infinity pool which seems to spill over the villa’s edge, accompanied by a natural hot spring, a Finnish sauna, water bath, and an emblematic fireplace.

Two plush bedrooms, located on the first floor, offer a sanctuary of private rest and reflection, blending seamlessly with the property’s communal ethos. Each room beautifully showcases traditional Japanese design elements, incorporating tatami mats and textured walls. An added convenience is the private parking area situated on the first level.

Architecturally, the property’s exterior boasts a singular copper sheet – reminiscent of the roofing seen on historic shrines and tea rooms. The structure is crowned with a triangular roof, a timeless design that effectively shields and insulates against snow.

Established in 2020, Not A Hotel persistently challenges conventional hospitality paradigms, crafting pioneering residences globally. For a visual treat, explore the captivating images of Not A Hotel Minakami Toji in the gallery above.

Further, immerse yourself in the breathtaking vistas surrounding the property via the showcased video below.

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