Aleali May x Clarks Originals: A Foray into High-profile Footwear Collaboration

Renowned for her boundless creativity, Aleali May has emerged as a force to be reckoned with in the fashion world, seamlessly navigating through modeling, styling, and design, and ascending to the top of her game. With the successful launch of her genderless label, MAYDE WORLDWIDE, in the past year, May continues to push boundaries and is now set to captivate the industry with an exciting collaboration alongside British footwear icon, Clarks Originals.

In 2023, Clarks Originals has embraced the spirit of collaboration, engaging in diverse partnerships that celebrate the essence of their brand identity. Recent joint ventures with London’s Aries and Tokyo-based WACKO MARIA have breathed new life into the classic Wallabee silhouette, presenting audacious designs featuring crocodile skin textures and psychedelic graphics.

Aleali May’s collaboration with Clarks Originals promises to be an extraordinary event, marking the debut of MAYDE WORLDWIDE in the realm of high-profile collaborations. A sneak peek has unveiled five sample pairs in progress, transforming Clarks’ iconic Wallabee boot with sumptuous corduroy uppers, adorned in an array of vibrant hues: red, yellow, orange, beige, and blue. The mid-top silhouette is elegantly complemented by textured crepe sole units, while Clarks Originals and “A” branded suede fobs lend a distinctive touch, thoughtfully attached to the laces.

As anticipation builds, enthusiasts can catch an initial glimpse of the captivating MAYDE WORLDWIDE x Clarks Originals collaboration in the gallery above. According to May, the release date for these exclusive pairs is set for July 28th, offering fashion aficionados and sneaker enthusiasts alike an opportunity to indulge in a fusion of innovative design and timeless craftsmanship.

The union of Aleali May and Clarks Originals exemplifies the dynamic essence of contemporary fashion, where creativity knows no bounds and innovation thrives through collaboration. With this much-anticipated partnership on the horizon, July 28th will undoubtedly mark a momentous occasion for both MAYDE WORLDWIDE and Clarks Originals, as they continue to leave an indelible imprint on the global fashion landscape.

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