Herman Miller Introduces the Innovative Luva Modular Sofa Group and Cyclade Tables

Herman Miller has recently unveiled two remarkable furniture offerings crafted by Singaporean designer Gabriel Tan, exploring the realms of organic and modular design. The Luva Modular Sofa Group and Cyclade Tables are the results of Tan’s creative journey during the winter lockdown, a period when he had just relocated to Portugal, and these designs reflect both his state of mind and his quest for comfort.

Drawing inspiration from the rolled tops of Japanese futons and the plush support of boxing gloves, the Luva Modular Sofa exudes a visually soft appearance while maintaining unmatched versatility and comfort. When in its closed “fist” form, the sofa functions as a well-supported seat. Yet, when expanded, it effortlessly transforms into a more relaxed and lounge-worthy configuration.

On the other hand, the Cyclade Tables, presented as a set of three, take cues from the intriguing form of the supercontinent Pangea. Their sculptural shapes pay homage to the distinctive style of Isamu Noguchi, and simultaneously explore the dramatic geological shifts of the ancient landmass. Poetically, they symbolize themes of unification and separation.

Both these exceptional creations can be explored in the gallery above and are priced between $795 to $10,365 USD. They will be available for purchase online and in Herman Miller stores. For more information on availability and delivery, visit Herman Miller’s official website.

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