Apple and Hermès Unveil Eco-conscious Wristbands at “Wonderlust” Event

The last day was a whirlwind of innovation with Apple, as they unveiled a slew of updates at their “Wonderlust” live-stream. Highlights included the iPhone 15 reveal and a teaser of the soon-to-launch Apple Watch Series 9.

Delving deeper into the world of sustainability, Apple and renowned French luxury label Hermès showcased their evolving partnership. Venturing beyond leather, the alliance now champions eco-friendly materials for wrist straps. Introduced during the “Wonderlust” session, the latest strap collection boasts mesh, rubber, and a first-of-its-kind knitted band from Hermès. The hand-braided Bridon strap flaunts a distinctive chevron design, while the Kilim variant, crafted from waterproof molded rubber, incorporates a deployment buckle.

Two new woven bands also made their debut: the Toile H, inspired by Hermès’ signature checkered canvas, and the monochromatic Twill Jump, adorned in the brand’s emblematic orange, offset by contrasting embellishments. Celebrating their shared vision, Apple expressed the new collection’s embodiment of Hermès’ legacy in textile artistry. Hermès echoed the sentiment, lauding the collaboration as a confluence of mutual dedication to authenticity and excellence. This synergetic partnership was inaugurated in 2015.

Fans can anticipate the wristband collection’s in-store launch on September 22.

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