Aston Martin’s DB12: A Symphony of Grandeur and Innovation

In May, Aston Martin unveiled its latest masterpiece in the Grand Touring “DB” lineage: the DB12. This vehicle isn’t just another addition; it’s the epitome of the “super” grand tourer.

When discussing cars, the term “presence” often surfaces. It’s that indescribable aura a vehicle exudes when it appears. The DB12 commands such a presence. With its extended length and assertive width, it stands out unmistakably. At Aston Martin’s refurbished headquarters in Gaydon, UK, the demo DB12 shimmered in a matte shade termed Satin Xenon Grey. Paired with black wheels, this hue subtly transitions from a radiant silver to a subdued grey, especially on its doors.

The brand’s historical influence on its lighting design adds character to the DB12. Its headlights, paired with an expansive front grille, are distinctively Aston Martin. The design intricacies, like the wide front chin, the side intakes for brake cooling, and its facial aesthetics, make it a contemporary icon.

Notably, the DB12 debuts with Michelin’s new Pilot Sport 5 S tires, uniquely tailored for this vehicle, denoted by the “AML” branding. Inside, it’s a blend of luxury and tech. Apart from the luxurious interiors synonymous with Aston Martin, the DB12 introduces a state-of-the-art in-house infotainment system, detaching from the Mercedes-Benz influence.

In essence, the DB12 is a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity.

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