Balenciaga Unveils Extravagant Metallic Hourglass XS Bags

Balenciaga, celebrated for its avant-garde designs and unparalleled craftsmanship – ranging from unconventional mud-splattered trainers to haute couture runway pieces – introduces its newest eclectic creations: two iterations of the Hourglass XS bag in “Metal.”

Offered in both Silver and Gold, Balenciaga reveals that these Hourglass Metal XS creations are masterfully sculpted from 100% brass, tipping the scales at approximately 956 grams or 2.1 pounds. Beyond their gleaming exteriors, they’re as functional as they are stunning, boasting interiors lined with luxurious Nappa lambskin.

With a price tag of £16,950 GBP (equivalent to around $21,500 USD), one can envision this bag as more than just an accessory. Its artistic allure might position it as a collector’s item, possibly never gracing an outfit. However, in terms of design and usability, it mirrors other Hourglass XS bags, equipped with the familiar removable chain and magnet closure.

For those enchanted by the metallic aesthetic but seeking a more wearable option, the Hourglass XS “Mirror Effect in Silver” might be the perfect alternative. Priced at a more accessible £1,650 GPB (or $2,100 USD), it offers the shimmer without the weight of solid metal.

For those set on owning these metal marvels, a visit to Balenciaga’s official website will provide pre-order options for the Hourglass Metal XS in silver, while the gold variant is ready for immediate purchase.

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