“Burberry Rose” Blossoms in Shanghai: The Latest Chapter in Burberry Streets Initiative

Building on the success of its “Burberry Streets” campaign which began during London Fashion Week and made waves in Seoul, Burberry now sets its sights on China’s bustling metropolis. Dubbed “Burberry Rose”, this initiative paints Shanghai in the brand’s iconic House motifs, interweaving the brand’s British legacy in contemporary, imaginative designs.

In keeping with its tradition, pop-up shops will sprout around Shanghai. The Petal Maze is set to be a focal point, spotlighting Daniel Lee’s Winter 2023 collection amidst interactive art that mirrors the beauty of nature. To infuse a touch of British flavor, North London’s beloved Norman’s café will introduce classic British dishes in a diner-inspired setting. Additionally, Shanghai’s skyline will receive an elevated touch with the Equestrian Knight logos adorning Panyu Road.

Available from October 21 through the year’s end, Shanghai promises an immersive Burberry journey before the initiative moves to enchant yet another global city.

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