Toyota Unveils the “Land Cruiser Se” EV Concept Ahead of Tokyo Motor Show

As the Tokyo Motor Show draws near, Toyota has pulled the covers off its latest EV concept, introducing the world to an electrified Land Cruiser labeled as the “Land Cruiser Se.” This comes on the heels of the earlier teases of the electrified sports car and SUV, known as the FT-Se and FT-3e respectively.

Unlike its showy counterparts, the Land Cruiser Se opts for a more understated appearance, boasting a polished yet slightly squared-off design.

Diverging from its predecessors, the technical foundation of the Land Cruiser concept is engineered more for city commuting than for navigating rugged terrains. Toyota emphasized its whisper-quiet operation and highlighted its potent high-torque performance. Specific metrics regarding these attributes remain undisclosed as of now.

Aesthetically, the vehicle flaunts a Monocoque frame, an innovation Toyota claims will help navigate imperfect city streets while preserving the Land Cruiser’s signature toughness and endurance.

The outer design pays homage to the iconic Land Cruiser’s profile, but with fresh twists. These updates encompass subtle curves at the front and rear, a tapered roofline, a sealed grille, contemporary horizontal lighting, and revamped mirrors.

Though the interior specifics remain under wraps currently, with the Tokyo Motor Show just around the corner, it won’t be long before Toyota offers a more in-depth look at this intriguing addition to their lineup.

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