Porsche and Duotone Collaborate on “Pink Pig” Kitesurfing Set

In their latest collaboration, Porsche and Duotone deliver a limited-edition kite and board set inspired by the iconic Porsche 917/20 coupé, famously dubbed “Pink Pig” and “Big Berta” due to its unique pink livery. This racecar, designed in partnership with French brand SERA for the 1971 Le Mans, has been reimagined by Duotone in a pastel pink design. The board and kites feature red track lines, typography, and the original 917/20’s number 23.

With top-tier Evo SLS technology, the kite is 15% lighter than its counterparts. Enhanced Flex Struts ensure dynamic handling, truly embodying the motorsport spirit. Thomas Kaiser, Duotone’s marketing director, highlighted that this collaboration isn’t merely aesthetic; it represents a merger of Porsche’s design with Duotone’s advanced kite technology.

Additionally, 25% of sales will support Young Blood, Duotone’s initiative for budding kitesurfers. This exclusive release, limited to 360 sets, promises both unparalleled design and performance.

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