Corteiz Continues it’s run of form with new Summer Collection

Corteiz, the renowned streetwear brand based in London, has just unveiled its most recent Summer collection. This release, courtesy of the cult label Clint419, pushes the envelope of its primary line, introducing fresh prints and materials in addition to the brand’s customary items often seen on UK’s urban landscape.

A highlight in this collection is the debut of knitwear, represented by a new ribbed vest sporting a texture blend of striking colours, including pink and yellow tones. The lineup also welcomes new tracksuit styles, featuring shell-suit designs in an eye-catching baby blue shade, while jersey variants come in earthy green hues.

The collection also places emphasis on T-shirts, with classic graphic tees alongside a striking design that boasts a print of an excited crowd from one of CRTZ’s guerilla marketing initiatives.

An addition to the collection is a long-sleeved polo shirt in a mix of block colours – black, green, red, and blue. To complete the lineup, CRTZ’s viral jorts make an appearance, detailed with elevated white stitching and the signature Corteiz motifs on the back pockets.

Check out the fresh collection from Corteiz featured above. It will be available for purchase on the brand’s official website starting from July 28 at 7 p.m. GMT.

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