Emporio Armani Pays Homage To It’s Heritage in New Fall/ Winter 23-24 Campaign

Giorgio Armani has long been recognized as a pioneer in the fashion industry, radically reshaping the landscape in the 1980s with initiatives such as the Emporio Armani Magazine. This revolutionary publication married iconic and varied images, akin to those seen in renowned magazines like Esquire or Vogue, with thoughtful essays and tidbits. The magazine’s focus, however, was exclusively on Armani’s own brands. Its influences can still be felt today, inspiring advertisers and other fashion brands alike. Now, photographer Gregory Harris revisits the legacy of Armani’s magazine for the Emporio Armani Fall/Winter 2023-2024 campaign.

The campaign is unveiled through monochromatic, cinematic photography by Harris, highlighting the season’s best pieces from Emporio Armani, including watches, accessories, and jewelry. Noteworthy are the snapshots of actor Nicolas Maupas and models Finn Farrell, Jeranimo Van Russell, William Franklyn, Akbar Shamji, Mathieu Simoneau, Aleyna Fitzgerald, Sija Kang, Gloria Maria, and Marie Teissonniere. The photography style mirrors photojournalism, offering a surreal perspective on everyday life.

In one memorable instance, a model is seen yelling into a vintage Emporio Armani-branded megaphone, giving a nod to the “teddy boy” look that pervades his attire. This particular ensemble is a mix of chunky leather round-toe boots, cropped trousers with lace accents, and a leather flight jacket with distressed ribbing, all channeling a retro biker-aviator vibe.

Vintage elements persist throughout the campaign. One model, donned in a finely embroidered shirt and tailored pants, poses with binoculars. Another model draws attention to the sparkly Emporio Armani jewelry on her wrist.

Women’s clothing ranges from high-waisted tailored pants paired with deep-v-cut waistcoats, to a distinctive tweed suit, and a sophisticated black dress. All these outfits exude a nostalgia for a time of elegance, sophistication, and high society.

For information head over to Georgio Armani .

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