MUJI Translates Its Minimalist Aesthetic into Kamogawa Airbnb Property

Japanese retail giant MUJI, renowned for its minimalist aesthetic spanning home decor, clothing, travel items, and more, has once again made waves with its latest foray into the world of homestays. Building on the success of its simple and sophisticated prefab house in Yamaguchi, Japan, MUJI now enhances its portfolio with a fresh Airbnb offering in Kamogawa, Japan.

Dubbed as ‘Muji Base Kamogawa’, this inviting residence nestles within the outskirts of Tokyo, transforming the century-old Noda Printmaking Workshop. The standout feature of this unique accommodation is its careful blend of the old and the new. It celebrates a modern, free lifestyle intertwined with the tranquility of nature, all while maintaining the historical charm of the house.

The entire space is a testament to MUJI’s crisp aesthetic, doused in a minimalist color palette and outfitted with an array of the brand’s iconic products.

Guests can look forward to MUJI’s light meals during their stay, along with a myriad of unique experiences such as visiting a dairy farm or trying their hand at melon harvesting.

Muji Base Kamogawa is more than just a place to stay—it’s an experience in itself. A peek into the property is available in the gallery above, and bookings are now open at a rate of $152 USD per night. This venture sees MUJI delivering not only a place to rest but a whole new dimension to minimalist living.

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