MSCHF Introduces Crocs Big Red Boot (Yellow) Collaboration

During the recent Paris Fashion Week, MSCHF, the innovative art collective from Brooklyn, unveiled its latest creation – the Crocs Big Red Boot (Yellow). Following the enormous success of its previous project, the BRB, in February, this new tall silhouette once again seamlessly blends functionality with humor. MSCHF has playfully referenced popular designs from brands like Vans and Nike in the past, but this time, the Big Red Boot (Yellow) marks an official collaboration with Crocs.

With perforations throughout the boots’ body, they bear a striking resemblance to Crocs’ beloved Classic Clog, which is recognized for its heel straps and signature crocodile logos. This amusingly-named collaboration brings Crocs’ iconic elements to the boldest proposition from MSCHF yet. While it may not receive the same level of mainstream attention as its red counterpart, the campaign boasts a star that could elevate its popularity – none other than the iconic Paris Hilton herself.

Anticipate the official campaign imagery featuring Paris Hilton as the face of the collaboration. The Big Red Boot (Yellow) is set to release on August 9th at 2 pm EST via a 24-hour draw on and the MSCHF Sneakers app. The pair is priced at $450 USD, offering fashion enthusiasts and Crocs aficionados a bold and unconventional statement piece to add to their collection.

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