Introducing Nothing’s Latest: A Trio of Tech Excellence

London’s pioneering tech company, Nothing, has unveiled its avant-garde CMF collection, boasting three innovative products: the CMF Buds Pro, CMF Watch Pro, and CMF Power 65W GaN.

At the heart of this series lies Nothing’s dedication to timeless elegance and functionality. Each product is a testament to meticulous color, material, and finish choices that underscore the brand’s commitment to unparalleled value.

The CMF Buds Pro stands out with its exceptional noise cancellation abilities, reaching up to 45 dB and covering an impressive frequency range up to 5000 Hz. This ensures listeners can escape ambient sounds even in the most bustling environments. Furthermore, the earbuds are enhanced with three HD microphones and a sophisticated AI-backed Clear Voice Technology for clearer calls.

Next in line is the CMF Watch Pro, boasting a vivid 1.96” AMOLED display which outshines traditional OLED screens. With 600+ nits peak brightness and advanced satellite positioning, it accurately tracks activities, from cycling to hiking. Moreover, health enthusiasts will appreciate its round-the-clock health monitoring, including heart rate and hydration reminders.

The collection is neatly rounded off with the CMF Power 65W GaN charger. Equipped with multiple ports and designed for ultimate portability, it embodies efficiency in a sleek package.

Discover the full CMF collection by Nothing on their official website today.

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