Knoll Celebrates Florence with Chair & Sofa Reissue

Almost seven decades since Knoll’s inception in 1954, the renowned furniture design brand is reintroducing two iconic seating creations. To honour the legendary architect and designer Florence Knoll, the Florence Knoll Model 31 Lounge Chair and Model 33 Sofa have been revived with fresh textures.

Both the Lounge Chair and Sofa capture Florence Knoll’s essence of tranquillity and sophistication. Her meticulousness, when leading the Knoll Planning Unit, ensured every design resonated with its intended audience. The Model 31 and Model 33 embody adaptability and sturdiness, enriching both corporate and home settings.

Now, they’re available in customisable fabrics. Echoing Knoll Textiles, founded by Florence in 1947, there’s a vast array of fabric choices ranging from vibrant woven patterns to functional leather. Explore the various finishes in the gallery.

“Model 31 and Model 33 epitomise enduring minimalist design, highlighted by their ability to bring textiles and colour to interiors,” comments Jonathan Olivares, Knoll’s Senior VP of Design.

The Florence Knoll Model 31 Lounge Chair and Model 33 Sofa begin at approximately £1,253 and £2,565 GBP respectively. They’re available at Knoll Design Shops and on Knoll’s online store.

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