LEGO Soars High with Its New Concorde Set

LEGO is set to enthral enthusiasts with its latest creation: a meticulously designed 2083-piece set of the iconic Concorde. This intricate model commemorates the renowned supersonic jet, which took its last flight two decades ago.

Stretching to an impressive 3.5 feet, the LEGO Icons Concorde showcases a 17-inch wingspan, capturing the essence of what many regard as one of the aviation world’s crowning glories. Known for its capability to soar at twice the speed of sound, the Concorde was conceived in the 1960s as a pioneering collaborative project between the United Kingdom and France. It earned the distinction of being the world’s first commercial supersonic passenger aircraft. Now, LEGO brings to life this marvel of engineering with impeccable attention to detail, capturing the craft’s intricate workings.

Among its many features, LEGO has incorporated a dynamic mechanism to emulate the landing gear’s authentic movement, allowing aficionados to raise or lower the gear and to tweak the tail cone. The set also boasts the Concorde’s signature droop nose, which can be adjusted – a design that was originally intended to offer pilots enhanced visibility during takeoffs and landings. True to the original, the model also includes an additional windscreen nestled within the front visor. And for a touch of the plane’s inner elegance, the model’s interior gives a nod to its seating arrangement and even the lavatories, albeit in microscale.

Mark your calendars: the 2038-piece LEGO Concorde set is set to launch for LEGO VIP members on September 4 and will be available to the wider public on September 7, both in LEGO stores and online.

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