Elon Musk’s Quirky Dive into Cat Accessories with Cybertruck-Inspired Litter Box

As the anticipation rises for the launch of Tesla’s Cybertruck, Elon Musk appears to have steered his innovation into an unlikely territory: the realm of cat toys. A curious product listing has recently appeared on Tesla’s Chinese website, presenting the “Cybertruck Multifunctional Corrugated Cat Litter.”

The item in question? A cardboard feline litter box mirroring the unmistakable Cybertruck silhouette. Although the box proudly showcases the Tesla emblem, buyers should be ready for some hands-on work as it arrives in a DIY format. The product’s description, after being loosely translated from the original Chinese, suggests the cardboard invention offers “a vision of the future, providing a semi-open space for cats with sturdy corrugated paper interior to cater to their natural instincts and daily requirements.” This litter box is not just any cardboard; it’s crafted from moisture-resistant, thick corrugated paper designed to endure damp conditions and promises extended durability.

When it comes to the price tag, this Cybertruck-inspired cat haven is available for ¥89 RMB, translating to around $12 USD. With a carrying capacity of 15 kilograms, it stands as one of Tesla’s most unique merchandise offerings to date. For those who might remember, this isn’t Musk’s first venture into quirky merchandise. Back in 2020, Tesla released a limited batch of red shorts, emblazoned with the cheeky “S3XY” label in reference to its Model S, 3, X, and Y vehicles.

Eager to discover more about this peculiar piece? Dive into the full listing online.

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