MAD Unveils Innovative Renovation Project for Shanghai’s Former Cement Factory

Beijing-based architectural firm, MAD, has revealed its ambitious vision for the revitalization of an aging warehouse located on the south side of the Shanghai Zhangjiang Cement Factory. Once a bustling hub for cement production during the city’s rapid urban expansion, this transformation project is set to breathe new life into the area, seamlessly blending nature, commerce, and culture.

MAD’s approach aims to respect the original architectural structure, infusing the site with a “three-dimensional hierarchy of time and physical dimensions” by harmoniously merging old and new elements. This concept materializes in the form of an ark-like roof that seemingly hovers above the space, combining sleek futuristic aesthetics with the raw charm of industrial history. The factory’s western wall will feature suspended glass curtain walls, ushering in abundant natural light.

Visitors will access the space via a striking metal stairway, reminiscent of a spacecraft, leading to a serene rooftop oasis. Ma Yansong, MAD’s founder, emphasized the preservation of industrial heritage not solely for its historical significance but also for the legacy it imparts to the future. This project focuses on infusing contemporary and forward-thinking spirit into the space, transcending mere industrial aesthetics.

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