Maserati’s MCXtrema Debuts at Monterey Car Week

At this year’s Monterey Car Week, Maserati unveiled the MCXtrema, a track-exclusive car combining the brand’s classic elegance with audacious design. With a limited production run of 62 units, this 730 horsepower “beast” is exclusive to select clientele. Touted as Maserati’s most powerful track car, it resonates with the legacy of the Maserati MC12 and is for brand enthusiasts craving a race-ready vehicle. The collaboration between Centro Stile and Maserati’s engineers birthed the MCXtrema, aiming to amplify Maserati’s competitive essence. The car boasts a Made-in-Modena 3.0-L V6 engine, enhanced to 740CV with new turbochargers, delivering a staggering 730Nm torque through its 6-speed racing gearbox. It features a lightweight composite body, adjustable rear wing, and carbon-fiber components. Inside, Maserati Centro Stile design merges with race features, including a fixed bucket seat and a carbon-fiber wheel with displays. Pricing and availability are yet to be disclosed. Visit Maserati’s site for more.

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