MSCHF Unveils Whimsical ‘Super Baby’ Sneaker with a Nod to Childhood Nostalgia

In a playful twist on its Super Normal silhouette, MSCHF introduces the “Super Baby” sneaker, crafted in a chunky, cartoon-like design. Set to be released in youth sizing, there’s speculation about a potential full-size run. A photoshoot featuring Lana Rhoades and her son Milo showcases various colorways, though the existence of adult sizes remains unconfirmed, hinting at MSCHF’s penchant for playful Photoshop creativity.

The Super Baby boasts three distinct iterations, ranging from an understated all-white leather design with subtle red accents to a vibrant mix of primary colors and a daring metallic upper with pink accents and heart graphics. Notably, MSCHF flirts with copyright boundaries, with logos reminiscent of Little Tikes and a star in the “B” resembling Toys R Us.

While size details are pending, MSCHF confirms a $250 USD retail price. The sneakers drop on December 5 at 2:00 pm EST, available through a draw mechanism on MSCHF’s official site and Sneakers App. Dive into nostalgia with this whimsical and daring release from MSCHF.

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