Nas Announces New Album Featuring 50 Cent

Nas is probably the epitome of Hip Hop in terms of the of his love and approach to the way he makes music. Not only was he dominant during the 90’s which many would label as the golden era of the genre but he has managed to stay relevant by releasing some of the best body of works Hip Hop has seen over the last 5 years in particular his three collaborative efforts with HIT boy.

Today Nas has announced that he is releasing a new album which continues his masterful run off albums over the last few years. The new album titled “Magic 2” is to be released on the 21st of July and will feature none other than 50 Cent, someone that has always praised Nas for the being the first person to take him in on tour over two decades ago.

Super excited to see what this album has to offer and can’t wait to hear the collab between him and 50 cent!

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