Nike’s Iconic Foamposite One “Anthracite” Returns in 2023

Nike is making a bold statement with the resurgence of the Foamposite line, unveiling an exciting lineup of colorways for the coming year. Among the highly anticipated releases is the Nike Air Foamposite One “Anthracite,” scheduled to hit shelves in December. First introduced in 2007, the “Anthracite” has earned its place as one of the most beloved and sought-after iterations of this iconic basketball sneaker.

Despite a reissue just three years ago, the “Anthracite” is making a triumphant return due to growing interest in its distinctive silhouette. The 2023 Retro edition faithfully recreates the look of its predecessors, with dark neutral tones adorning not only the branding and Foamposite shell but every detail in between. Originally rumored for a 2024 release, the “Anthracite” is now set to launch on December 12th, although this date is subject to change. Stay tuned for updates and savor the official retailer images as you eagerly await its return.

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