Samsung and Maison Margiela Unveil Exclusive Galaxy Z Flip5: A Fusion of Tech and High Fashion

Samsung and Maison Margiela join forces once again to introduce the Galaxy Z Flip5 Maison Margiela Edition, blending Samsung’s technological prowess with Maison Margiela’s iconic design philosophy. Stephanie Choi, EVP at Samsung Electronics, emphasizes the collaboration’s unique approach, comparing the high-tech device to the construction of haute couture garments. The special edition’s standout feature is the rear glass design, revealing the inner structure of a Maison Margiela jacket with a semi-transparent effect, seamlessly merging technology and fashion.

Accompanying the device are two distinct cases: the Flap Leather Case, showcasing natural black leather and Maison Margiela’s “Work-in-Progress” design, and the Flipsuit Case, featuring unique paint splatter design Flipsuit Cards. The packaging mirrors Maison Margiela’s distinctive style, incorporating a special stitching pattern and paper-based woven book cloth fabric.

While price and availability details are pending, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 Maison Margiela Edition will be available for purchase from November 30 in select markets, including China, Hong Kong, and Korea.

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