Supreme’s Fall 2023 Tee Collection: A Fusion of Art, Photos, and Text

Supreme is poised to unveil its T-shirt lineup for the Fall 2023 season. This collection is adorned with a mix of artistic renderings, photographic imprints, and evocative text-based designs. Enthusiasts can anticipate a collection of nine graphic tees. Beyond the classic black and white, the range bursts with hues such as mustard, yellow, brown, ash, charcoal, green, purple, navy, and blue.

The collection’s frontrunner is the Mont Blanc Tee, reminiscent of Speed Racer’s dynamism. It’s closely trailed by the Psycho Tee, marking another collaborative venture with Bret Easton Ellis’ iconic “American Psycho.” Neil Blender’s artistic genius, rooted in his days as a pro skateboarder, graces the Long Sleeve Tee. Other notable pieces include the Mutants Tee with dual-sided prints, a Def Jam: Fight for NY-inspired tee, and the Hell Tee, which showcases Dash Snow’s evocative “Untitled (Hell).” Rounding up the collection are the Weather Tee, Static Tee, and Pound Tee.

Global fashion enthusiasts, mark your calendars! The Supreme Fall 2023 Tee collection launches on October 5 at 11 a.m. EDT in the U.S. For fans in Japan and Seoul, the drop is scheduled for October 7 at 11 a.m. JST.

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