The MSCHF Saga: From Big Red Boot to All-Black Trendsetter

For some, the very mention of MSCHF’s Big Red Boot conjures up a nostalgic jolt, filled with fun and frolic. For others, it’s a name that triggers an overwhelming sensation of fatigue. If you were active online this past February, there’s no way you could’ve missed this firestorm of a trend. It was as if every influencer had a pair, showcasing innovative and often hilarious ways to use the shoe. One daring individual even managed to complete a half marathon wearing them! But, as with all viral trends, the ubiquity soon left many yearning for a break.

But MSCHF isn’t one to rest on their laurels. Building on the wildfire popularity of the Big Red Boot, they’ve now rolled out a yellow version in collaboration with Crocs. They also teased fans with a restock of the coveted original red design. And the latest reveal? An all-black avatar of the famed boot. This newest iteration remains largely true to its iconic predecessor in every way, save for the color. Its distinct silhouette is accompanied by a subtle “MSCHF” insignia on the outsole.

For enthusiasts eager to snag the new all-black MSCHF Big Red Boot, mark your calendars. They’re set to drop on October 26 at 2pm EDT, available exclusively on MSCHF’s website and the MSCHF Sneakers app, priced at a cool $350 USD.

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