Toyota Unveils Limited “AE86 40th Anniversary Edition” of 2024 GR86 Exclusively for Japan

Toyota Japan has pulled the curtain on its exclusive 2024 GR86 “AE86 40th Anniversary Edition”, a tribute to the iconic AE86, restricted to a mere 200 units specifically for Japanese enthusiasts.

This special edition, available in both manual and automatic modes, boasts a slew of aesthetic and technical enhancements. Among the standout features are the RZ trim and commemorative decals. The latter nostalgically reads “Since 1983 40th” and flaunts a stripe echoing the AE86, made iconic in the famed manga, Initial D.

Potential owners can choose between two striking color schemes: pristine white highlighted with black details or a rich red complemented by black touches. Additional design elements feature 18-inch wheels, cast in a deep grey metallic hue, and black finishings on mirror caps and the rear spoiler.

Beyond the visual upgrades, the Anniversary Edition GR86 is enhanced with Brembo disc brakes and Sachs shock absorbers. The price tag for the manual version starts at approximately $25,652 USD (¥3,822,000 Yen), while its automatic counterpart is pitched at roughly $26,310 USD (¥3,920,000 Yen).

Given the anticipation surrounding this release, Toyota plans to employ a lottery system to allocate these limited-edition gems to eager buyers.

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