Clothsurgeon Unveils “FROM THE ROW TO THE ROAD”: A Fusion of Savile Row Craftsmanship and Urban Streetwear

London’s renowned clothing brand, clothsurgeon, led by the visionary Rav Matharu, is celebrated for its reworked and upcycled garments showcased on the iconic Savile Row. Presenting their latest collection, “FROM THE ROW TO THE ROAD,” clothsurgeon continues its distinctive blend of streetwear and luxury craftsmanship, designed for the dynamic lifestyle of inner-city living.

The collection showcases a diverse range of fabrications, including luxurious wools, cashmere, and technical silk from Loro Piana. Textures abound in the line, with new Supreme Duffle bags, Kayaks, and Blankets transformed into streetwear silhouettes with a modern twist.

Recognizable Nike fleece sweatpants take on unique forms like carpenter pants, while the same fabrications find new life in utility vests and a Type 3 trucker jacket. Noteworthy highlights include impeccably tailored co-ords featuring technical pockets and a workwear jacket with white raised stitched detailing, complemented by corresponding trousers.

Explore the fusion of Savile Row craftsmanship and urban streetwear in the captivating new collection from clothsurgeon showcased above.

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