Drake’s OVO and Jacob & Co. Forge a Partnership in the Jewelry World

Drake’s OVO empire continues to make waves in the fashion and lifestyle industry, and their latest collaboration with Jacob & Co. is no exception. The duo is set to take the jewelry industry by storm with the introduction of a limited edition owl pendant necklace, adding a touch of Drake’s signature style to the world of fine jewelry.

The owl has been an iconic emblem for OVO, symbolizing wisdom, intuition, and the nocturnal spirit. Now, fans of the brand can proudly wear this symbol around their necks, available in either 14K gold or sterling silver. This exciting addition follows OVO’s recent successful ventures, including the NHL capsule collection and the stylish “For All The Dogs” varsity jacket.

Drake’s penchant for high-end jewelry is no secret. In the past, he has flaunted diamond-encrusted chains acquired from Pharrell Williams’ Joopiter in the music video for “Jumbotron Shit Poppin.” Moreover, earlier this summer, he confirmed his ownership of Tupac’s legendary $1 million USD ring, famously worn by the rap icon during his final public appearance.

The highly anticipated OVO x Jacob & Co. owl pendant necklace is available for pre-order starting November 8th exclusively on the official OVO website. This collaboration promises to be a game-changer in the jewelry world, offering fans and connoisseurs a unique opportunity to embrace the timeless and symbolic charm of the OVO brand.

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