Mansory’s Understated Take on Ferrari 296 GTB: “Mansory Tempesta”

Mansory, renowned for its audacious customizations, unveils its newest masterpiece: the Ferrari 296 GTB “Mansory Tempesta.” This latest rendition seems to stray slightly from the brand’s recent flamboyant adaptations, like the gold Lamborghini Urus or the two-toned Porsche 911 Turbo S Coupé. For the “Tempesta”, Mansory opts for a more restrained exterior appearance.

Adorning the car is a sophisticated matte black hue, punctuated by dashes of red and intricately forged carbon fiber detailing. Signature features that spotlight these nuances include the car’s mirrors, rear wing, side panels, expansive rear diffuser, and various air vents. Adding to the exterior’s elegance are faint red trims on the carbon fiber and delicate Italian flag stripes gracing the wingtips.

While the exterior may be muted, the interior tells a different story. The cabin bursts with vivid yellow leather upholstery, offset by hints of raw carbon fiber and red accents harmonizing with the outer design. Ensuring a smooth ride are the lightweight forged wheels, measuring 21 inches in the front and a formidable 22 inches at the back. Under the hood lies a formidable V6 hybrid engine boasting a power output exceeding 800 hp.

For aficionados intrigued by the craftsmanship and details, a comprehensive list of components can be perused on Mansory’s official website, where inquiries and orders are welcomed.

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