MINI takes vehicle customization to a new level

MINI has launched a  new online program called “Yours Customised” which allows designs created by you to be printed onto various car accessories, creating your own unique MINI. Designs can be printed onto side scuttles, trims and illuminated door panels. Personalised designs can even be engraved onto the car’s projector lamps so that a unique pattern is displayed on the ground as you enter and exit.

There is a wide variety of texts, icons and colours available, as well as the option to choose different designs for both the passenger and driver side. Personalised items can either be fitted easily at home or brought into a dealer for fitting. The items can also be easily removed so that the car be resold or updated.

Customised products will be available for numerous MINI models over the course of 2018. Head over to MINI to for more info .

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