New Balance Unveils Vibrant Summer-Ready 9060 in “Yellow Suede”

While New Balance’s summer collection has been relatively subdued compared to its contemporaries, its line-up seems set to become much more vibrant. The 9060 model, known for its restrained color palettes, is poised to make one of its most visually striking debuts yet, just in time for the final weeks of summer.

The upcoming New Balance 9060 is entirely decked out in yellow suede, giving it a refreshing, season-appropriate vibrancy. The rich suede envelops the shoe from toe to heel, interspersed with matching mesh inserts for a consistent color scheme.

Contrasting the bold yellow, the shoe incorporates neutral tones: a crisp white adorns the “N” logo and the lace unit, while a cool grey enhances the leather trims on the upper. Additionally, soft tans accentuate the majority of the sole unit, balancing the striking upper.

Get a closer glimpse at the New Balance 9060 “Yellow Suede” in the official images provided. The eye-catching pair should be available soon on and at select retailers. This unique and dynamic colorway brings a much-needed pop of color to New Balance’s summer offerings.

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