Tesla China and McDonald’s Unveil Limited-Edition ‘Cyber Spoons’ for McFlurry Aficionados

Tesla China collaborates with McDonald’s China to unveil the limited-edition “Cyber Spoons” for McFlurry enthusiasts, drawing inspiration from Tesla’s distinctive Cybertruck design. Limited to 50,000 pieces, the utensil showcases a “DON’T PANIC” stamp on its handle, a nod to Douglas Adams’ famed novel, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. The spoon comes with a chic black storage case inscribed with “POWERED BY TESLA” on the lid, while the McFlurry container also gets a design revamp to complement the Cyber Spoon. Although Tesla China confirmed the collaboration on its Weibo and McDonald’s on its Xiaohongshu account, CEO Elon Musk seemed unaware, hinting at it being “fake news.” Priced at ¥30 RMB (around $4 USD), the exclusive Tesla x McDonald’s Cyber Spoon is now available in select quantities.

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